About SATinner

Steven A. Tinner, The GM to the Stars, has been a resident of the Seattle Metroplex since 2050. He's introduced hundreds of players to the world of Shadowrun. He owns a copy of every Shadowrun product ever printed for every edition, except for the miniatures rules DMZ. He sold those because they were terrible.

Characters made for Episode 8

As promised, here are the two characters we created to go along with our Character Creation discussion in Episode 8.

Johnny Banger is a build of an old first edition Archetype – The Rocker! I had to guess on the price of a combat axe that was also fitted to function as an electric guitar, but that’s not game breaking.

Johnny Banger makes a pretty decent frontline fighter, and isn’t bad as a backup Face. With the new Teamwork Test rules in Shadowrun 5, he can really be helpful in a lot of ways.

And to prove that 5th Edition really has changed the game, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming has put together Zarlock, the Ork Technomancer.

Both sheets have been annotated with the priorities we selected. Enjoy!

Johnny Banger – Human Rocker

Zarlock – Ork Technomancer

Getting ahead of the game

For the first time since we started Critical Glitch, we are actually a full month ahead on our recording schedule! This was intentional, since we are rapidly approaching the summer convention season, and it will be tough for us to record when we are hitting cons ever few weeks! Let me tell you folks, you’ve got some great listening coming your way!

The first episode to air will be our COSCON wrap-up. That’s a NERPS episode. We bring back members of our GM Cadre episode to discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the Circle of Swords show in Butler, PA over St. Pat’s weekend. (Here’s a hint – there wasn’t much we didn’t like!)

Following that, you’ll get April’s regular episode. We talk about some new releases from Catalyst, especially the game-changing Storm Front! And we have an excellent interview with Shadowrun Missions Developer Steven “Bull” Ratkovich. Bull gives us the lowdown on what runners can expect from Shadowrun Missions Season 5. He even gives us some exclusive spoilers about some of the new Contacts that will be available in the new season!

Later in April we finally give fans something they have been asking for. We conducted a Facebook survey a few months back, asking listeners what sort of material they wanted to hear on Critical Glitch. (And if you haven’t “LIKE’d” us on Facebook, go do that now, won’t you?) One of the top things requested was “Gamer Stories.” Some of you may not know this, but long before he was the Mighty Missions Developer of today, once upon a time Bull was a lowly Ork Decker in my home Shadowrun campaign. So we brought Bull back, and got his shadowrunning partner Russ Bigham aka Johnny 99 to join him. If the idea of listening to two players and a GM reminisce and tell stories about a Shadowrun campaign that is nearly 20 years old sounds good to you, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this special NERPS episode.

That’s what’s in the can for you so far folks. But hold on to your hoops, because things are only going to pick up from here!