Episode 001 Shadowrun Then and Now

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Episode 001

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Scan This 01:00

Revisit of Episode 000 Shadowrun Lethality

Dave’s Clubhouse

Game Table Adventures

Cracked out PC concepts

Online game tools such as Skype, Roll20.net, Tabletopforge

Tell it to them Straight 18:40

SRM 04-11: Election Day

Just vote, Weather

Behind the Scenes 22:40

Sacrificial Limb

Disney the birth of Horizon

Heavy Gear by Gearcrack

Nestle matrix data miners

Pushing the Envelope 31:22

Our thoughts on Catalyst Game Labs Shadowrun 2050

 Debugging 47:00

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