Getting ahead of the game

For the first time since we started Critical Glitch, we are actually a full month ahead on our recording schedule! This was intentional, since we are rapidly approaching the summer convention season, and it will be tough for us to record when we are hitting cons ever few weeks! Let me tell you folks, you’ve got some great listening coming your way!

The first episode to air will be our COSCON wrap-up. That’s a NERPS episode. We bring back members of our GM Cadre episode to discuss what we liked and didn’t like about the Circle of Swords show in Butler, PA over St. Pat’s weekend. (Here’s a hint – there wasn’t much we didn’t like!)

Following that, you’ll get April’s regular episode. We talk about some new releases from Catalyst, especially the game-changing Storm Front! And we have an excellent interview with Shadowrun Missions Developer Steven “Bull” Ratkovich. Bull gives us the lowdown on what runners can expect from Shadowrun Missions Season 5. He even gives us some exclusive spoilers about some of the new Contacts that will be available in the new season!

Later in April we finally give fans something they have been asking for. We conducted a Facebook survey a few months back, asking listeners what sort of material they wanted to hear on Critical Glitch. (And if you haven’t “LIKE’d” us on Facebook, go do that now, won’t you?) One of the top things requested was “Gamer Stories.” Some of you may not know this, but long before he was the Mighty Missions Developer of today, once upon a time Bull was a lowly Ork Decker in my home Shadowrun campaign. So we brought Bull back, and got his shadowrunning partner Russ Bigham aka Johnny 99 to join him. If the idea of listening to two players and a GM reminisce and tell stories about a Shadowrun campaign that is nearly 20 years old sounds good to you, make sure you keep your eyes peeled for this special NERPS episode.

That’s what’s in the can for you so far folks. But hold on to your hoops, because things are only going to pick up from here!

Episode 005: GM Cadre

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Episode 004

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Special Guest, “Good” Ray Rigel

Special Guest, Bob “Mr. Meatgrinder” Loper

Special Guest, Bob Ron “Prime-Runner” Rummel

Special Guest, “The Evil GM”, Mistress of the Foot in Mouth Technique – Beth Miller-Lisy


Fog of Dusk

Game Table Adventures

Epic Loot Game and Comics


COSCON Butler, PA. March 15-17 2013

DenCon Granville, OH March 23-24 2013

GloryCon Dayton, OH. April 21 2013

AnCon Hudson, OH. May 2-5 2013

Origins Game Fair Columbus, OH. June 12-16 2013

Gencon Indianapolis, OH. August 15-18 2013

Sibcon Butler, PA. September 20-23 2013

Con on the Cob Hudson, OH. October 15-17 2013


SRM 04-12: Showcase

10 Mercs


We attempt answer some audience questions

From Jake

So, here’s my question.  What is the best advice you can give someone who is new to Shadowrun?  I have tons of tabletop RPG experience, and I’ve always loved cyberpunk and sci-fi in general, but for whatever reason I haven’t taken the time to get into Shadowrun before this.  I have gotten a hold of several of the books on .PDF and read through some, but the history and world are so massive, its easy to get lost.  Should I just throw caution to the wind and dive down the rabbit hole, or is there a good place to start from and work my way through the fluff?  Also, just in general is there anything you would offer as a suggestion or advice to a new player?”

From Harry

We have a regular group who have moved to Shadowrun in the last couple of months after running a successful DnD campaign for the last five or six years and we play one night a week. i am not the GM so this is for information only.

We are loving Shadowrun and I do enjoy the classless system it employs but my question is about Karma and how often to receive it. In dnd we would level up about every couple of months which gave us steady progression but I cannot seem to see this with Karma as you seem to get small amounts at any one time by the rules.

Can you give us some pointers as to what would be appropriate progression for a group playing one night a week on an extended campaign?

Thank you from Scotland”