Episode 032: The State of Missions

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast Episode 032

Your host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Co-Host, “Good” Ray Rigel

Special Guest, Steven “Bull” Ratkovich: The best Ork decker you never met

We talk about the change from SRM 05A, SRM 05B, SRM 05C, SRM 05D to SRM 05, SRM 06, SRM 07, SRM 08 & what it means to players as far as the Chicago campaign.

We talk about the upcoming Prime Runner mission.

Missions resource:

Shadowrun Tabletop Forum

Critical Glitch Missions page


Word on the Street

This may not be about Shadowrun, but it hits close to home and we felt it needed to be shared here.

Christina Titus is a fellow Catalyst Demo Team agent, Shadowrun GM, guest here on Critical Glitch, and friend.  If you’ve attend Origins or GenCon, not to mention a few other Ohio-area conventions, you’ve probably seen her herding cats (otherwise known as fellow gamers) as the Room Captain Extraordinaire.

Her oldest son Kenny is also a Shadowrun player and an all-around cool guy who unfortunately happens to suffer from Muscular Dystrophy.  Just in the last month, he has gone downhill to the point that he has hospitalized and put on the transplant list for a new heart.

A gofundme page has been set up to help Christina defray the costs of hospitalization (which could be anywhere from 2 to 6 months BEFORE the transplant, not to mention the recovery time after), medications, surgeries, and all the other medical expenses required.  If you are interested in helping, we’ve included a link to their page below.

Kenny’s New Heart