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TitansgraveA few weeks ago I started watching Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana from Geek and Sundry I was captivated by how elegant and simple the system appeared and how the world  setting Wil Wheaton and the rest of the group created. It struck me how easily this could be adapted to be a 4th world setting for those interested in something like that. The Fantasy AGE rule system by Green Ronin uses a simple 3d6 mechanic with one die being an off color. When you have a challenge you roll your 3 dice and add them to a stat or skill on your character sheet. If you have doubles the off color die shows you how many stunt points you have to spend to do extra cool things as part of the action. I think I have found my new relax for fun system.

If your looking for something to digest I can’t recommend this web series enough.

Keep your eyes and ears out for an incoming Nerps transmission today and the vivisection of Chrome Flesh Sunday 7/19/15

Episode 045: Data Trails

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast Episode 045

Your host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Co-Host: Bob “Dr. Meatgrinder” Loper

In this episode we take a deeper look into Data Trails the “Core Matrix Hanbook”

Both Bob and myself found the book to be light on rules, and some of the rules that where included should have been moved to a dedicated e-pub to make room for more core concepts.  For a Matrix Core Handbook there was little to nothing for Technomancers absolutely nothing on their sprites.

We both found the book to be better then Run & Gun and Street Grimoire but not as polished as Run Faster. The lack of an index and intuitive chapter names still plagues the line for these reasons we both placed the book at around a C+ grade. Definitely worth getting in PDF, and you won’t feel like you wasted your money if you buy the hardback.

God Speaks – Intro fiction by CZ Wright of the Arcology podcast

The World in your Pocket – some setting info and examples of Grids

True Hackers, Lusers & Dirtballs – Hacker Groups & Technomancer Tribes

On the Bleeding edge – Positive & Negative Qualities

Born to Hack – Lifepaths

Killer Apps & Razor forms – Programs, Complex Forms, Echoes

The Guts of the Matrix – Upgrades for Commlinks & Cyberdecks

The All-Seeing Eye of God – Corp hosts, IC, sample Spiders, and Demi God

Corporate Sponsorship – Fiction by Jason Andrew

The Perfect Host – Host info & examples, Host cyber combat example p. 87 (Flawed), more Spiders

Deeper and Deeper – Foundation (You got your WoD in our SR)

Body Hunt – fiction by Scott Scheltz

Principles of Insanity – AI, Resonance Realms, Dissonants

Mastering the Matrix – GM overview of the Matrix, Matrix examples, Matrix Actions

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