Ohayocon 2013

Tomorrow the Critical Glitch team heads to Columbus, Ohio for Ohayocon 2013.
We’ve got some great games lined up for players of all levels.
If you’ve never played Shadowrun, give one of our “Welcome to the Sixth World” events a try. We will walk you through character creation, and a unique scenario designed to teach you everything you need to know to dive into Shadowrun.
If you’re already a Shadowrun veteran, try out som Missions games. The Ohayocon theme is horror, and we’ve got some of the scariest Missions ever made! Including “Romero & Juliet!” You’ve heard us praise this brutal adventure on the podcast. The GM to the Stars is running this meatgrinder, along with its prequel “Humanitarian Aid.”
The big excitement though is going to be Saturday evening at 1800 hours. That’s when the all new Shadowrun LARP “Turf War Terror” will kick off! Gang warfare and rivalry in the terrifying ruins of Chicago’s nightmare-infested Containment Zone!
Even if you can’t be at the con, you can participate in the LARP. This game will be “Twitter Enhanced.” By using the hashtag #slarpoc13 you can follow along in real time as the players vie for control of their own corner of Hell. Feel free to join in and offer advice for these poor souls as they struggle for survival!
Ohayocon 2013 promises to be a great event. And as always, don’t worry if our games are sold out. We will have GMs on standby, ready for pickup games.
Come join us!

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Steven A. Tinner, The GM to the Stars, has been a resident of the Seattle Metroplex since 2050. He's introduced hundreds of players to the world of Shadowrun. He owns a copy of every Shadowrun product ever printed for every edition, except for the miniatures rules DMZ. He sold those because they were terrible.

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