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Our first episode hasn’t even been live for a single day, and we’ve already seen more downloads than I expected to get in our first month!
Thanks to all you Shadowrun fans out there. Seems like you have been hungry for a show like this. We will do our best to keep them coming.
Of course we can’t do that without your help. How you ask? By getting involved.

Get involved with Critical Glitch by “Liking” and “Sharing” our Facebook page.
Get involved by sending a Tweet to all your Twitter followers. Ask them to retweet it.
Get involved by telling people about the show. Even the best Hacker knows sometimes you need the Face to do a little Legwork!
And of course the best way you can get involved is by contacting us directly. Send us a tweet, or an email. Tell us what you liked about episode 000. More importantly, tell us what you hated! Even better, tell us what you really want to hear.

Lastly, we really weren’t kidding about wanting your creative efforts. If you’re a musician, we’d love to hear your take on a Critical Glitch theme song! Drama more your style? We could use some segment bumpers too. Just record yourself introducing one of the show segments. (Scan This, Tell it to Them Straight, Behind the Scenes, Pushing the Envelope, and Debugging.) Send us a .mp3 file, and odds are we’ll use them on the show. If you record them in-character as a Shadowrunner, that would be even cooler!

Remember chummers, the word is Critical Glitch. Spread the word.

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