Episode 007: Season four recap

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Episode 007

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick




Cleveland ConCoction



Why all the Technomancer hate?

How to start running Shadowrun?

Catalyst Game Labs Demo Team

Shadowrun Missions



            This section will contain spoilers on season four missions

CMP 2010-02: Copycat Killer – Bundled with SRM 04-05: On a silver Platter

SRM 04-00: Back in Business

SRM 04-01: Hiding in the Dark

SRM 04-02: Extraction

SRM 04-03: Rally Cry

SRM 04-04: Smuggler’s Blues

SRM 04-05: On a Silver Platter

SRM 04-06: Hard Target

SRM 04-07: Burn

Eleven Blood (Ancient Pawns, Hopping the Fence, Domestic Tranquility, Grocery List, The Hung Over)

SRM 04-08: Brothers United

SRM 04-09: Assassin Nation

SRM 04-10: Romero and Juliet

SRM 04-11: Election Day

SRM 04-12: Showcase

SHM 2012-01: Free Taiwan



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3 thoughts on “Episode 007: Season four recap

  1. Guys, I have a question or two from a semi-newb. I played Shadowrun 1st edition, along with the Sega and Snes games when I was a kid, and read a bunch of the novels over the years. But now, I am getting our gaming group into Shadowrun, but I have never run a game before. For starters, what do I need to know? Should I wait until 5th arrives and go from there? Alternatively, are there missions from prior editions that it would be a crime not to run? Will I be able to convert them to 5th ed. once we get going? What would you do if you were newb Shadowrun DMs? Thanks!

  2. If it would help, we can send dozens of suggestions on how to play TMs. Our group played a mostly TM group for Season 3 Missions. Most of the cooler tricks are in Unwired ™, therefore the complaint about subsystem of a subsystem, is entirely agreed upon.

  3. I would love to see your frequency go up. Especially as we get closer to the release of 5th edition. Hopefully there is more than enough news being released on that to give you additional topics.

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