Nerps 06: I do what I want !

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. NERPS Episode 06

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Surprise Special Guest, “Good” Ray Rigel

We take some time to reflect on Origins 2013, and look forward to Gencon in a short few weeks.



3 thoughts on “Nerps 06: I do what I want !

  1. Hey, any chance those excel files that Ray made for Origins can be shared or downloaded? Oh and I would recommend adding a link to the shirts in the podcast show notes. 🙂 Love your Podcast. It has gotten me back into Shadowrun and I’m looking forward to running 5th Edition. Wish you all where coming down for DragonCon since I live down here in GA and will be there. I’ll be at Gencon or Origins next year so hopefully I will meet you all then.

    • Sadly no. The spreadsheet we mention was made for the Demo Team because we were not going to have books for the first two days of Origins. This sheet pretty much gives away the character generation section of the SR5 book. Sorry, but you’ll have to wait a few more days for the release of the core rulebook itself!

      Though we will not be at Dragoncon several of the local CDT folks will be and you can get your gaming fix there some great guys lots of fun

      • Ah, that makes sense. I actually have a 5e book that a friend got me from Origins (they also played in the welcome to the sixth world session and had a blast). I was just looking at it as a great way to speed up tabletop character creation at my table when we move to 5e. No worries. I’m also hoping to become one of those demo team members some day. Thank you for the quick reply.

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