Games to Play at Con-on-the-Cob

We’ve mentioned Con-on-the-Cob a few times now. CotC is four days on non-stop gaming held in Hudson OH. This year it takes place October 11-14, and the Catalyst Demo Team will be present and running plenty of games.

Pre-registration is closed, and our games are 60% sold out. The good news is, that means that our games are 40% open! Additionally, this is a convention. People are going to no-show. My point is, if you want to get in on some great Shadowrun action, Con-on-the-Cob is THE place to be this weekend.

There’s a wide selection of Shadowrun Missions available on every day of the con. Let me give you a little more detail about the ones that I will be running. Two of the Missions I’m running are really designed for characters that are either new to Shadowrun completely, or new to Missions.

On Thursday 10/11/2012 at Noon, I will be running Welcome to the Sixth World. This is a four hour game designed for total beginners. We will spend the first hour or so making Missions legal characters using the PACKs character generation system found in the Runner’s Toolkit. Once the team has been assembled, the remainder of the session will see the new shadowrunners go on their first job together. This adventure has been custom-made for this event, and is not available for play or purchase anywhere else! Not to give anything away, but if you follow current events, I think you’ll be pleasantly amused by the story! At the end of this adventure, assuming your character survives, you will have a Missions legal character who has already earned a little money, and gained some valuable experience in the Sixth World. Which might lead you directly into my next game …

Friday 10/12/2012 at 6 PM I will be running SRM04-00 Back in Business, This is the inaugural adventure for Shadowrun Missions Season Four. A simple missing person case ties into plotlines left dangling since the very first edition of Shadowrun. If you have made a Missions character, but haven’t had a chance to play it yet, this is a great starting point!

On Saturday at 1 PM, I will be running CMP2012-03 Silicon Slick. One of the convention exclusive Missions, Silicon Slick offers a very unique twist on a standard search and recover adventure. When a fixer’s courier goes missing, he hires the shadowrunners to track him down. Of course this is Shadowrun, so it’s never as easy as calling his commlink and inviting him to come in from the cold. While there’s plenty of fights to be had, characters who like a little more talking and legwork won’t be disappointed with this adventure either.

The end of the weekend finds me diving into one of the newest Missions products – Elven Blood! Originally designed as a connected series of convention exclusive Missions, Elven Blood collects five Missions the premiered during the summer convention season. This is the first time convention exclusives have been made available outside the convention season!

Sunday at 8 AM I will be wrapping up my scheduled Missions with CMP2012-08 The Hung Over. If you’ve seen the similarly named movie, then you can guess what to expect from this adventure. Waking up with no memories, the shadowrunners must figure out just what happened to them last night. More importantly who are their friends, and who screwed them over and left them in this condition. Investigators will have a good time in this Mission, but come prepared to bust some heads too!

So there you have it. Four compelling reasons to adjust your schedule and join us in Hudson, OH for Con-on-the-Cob! And that’s just a small fraction of the Shadowrun gaming that will be offered. And as always, don’t worry if games are sold out. If you come looking to play, and we can find a GM and a place to seat you, you will get to play Shadowrun!

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