Characters made for Episode 8

As promised, here are the two characters we created to go along with our Character Creation discussion in Episode 8.

Johnny Banger is a build of an old first edition Archetype – The Rocker! I had to guess on the price of a combat axe that was also fitted to function as an electric guitar, but that’s not game breaking.

Johnny Banger makes a pretty decent frontline fighter, and isn’t bad as a backup Face. With the new Teamwork Test rules in Shadowrun 5, he can really be helpful in a lot of ways.

And to prove that 5th Edition really has changed the game, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming has put together Zarlock, the Ork Technomancer.

Both sheets have been annotated with the priorities we selected. Enjoy!

Johnny Banger – Human Rocker

Zarlock – Ork Technomancer

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