Episode 012: The Problem Player

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Episode 012

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick



What we have been gaming

Con on the Cob (03:03)

Shadowrun Crossfire (08:13)

Shadowrun Sprawl Gangers (08:58)

SRM 5A-01 Chasin’ the Wind (09:35)

Sprawl Wild (09:53)

The Arcology Podcast (11:28)






Splintered State



The types of problem players and how to deal with them


5 thoughts on “Episode 012: The Problem Player

  1. Another great show, chummers!

    The only problem was the audio levels were too different…Tinner was too quiet (go figure) and Tim too loud…I’d turn up the audio to hear Tinner and get aural assault when Tim chimed back in.

    Back to the good – great topic now that I’m running a drekload of Missions for a disparate group of Runners (5 games in 8 days…whew). I also appreciate you touching on the topic of female geeks (I run most of my games for a female centric meetup group: Lady Monster-Slaying Society based in Portland OR).

    By the way – Critical Glitch got a brief shout out on Happy Jack’s RPG Podcast last Friday (http://www.happyjacks.org/ episode 1020) which also happened to have an all female panel for their 200th episode and touched on this topic as well. The ladies had great RPG gaming insights.

    sam (CDT agent)

  2. Thank you for addressing this potentially sensitive issue. I have never been to a con so I don’t have much to compare in that sense, I have run another RPG table at a weekly walk-up-and-play event at my local game shop. Fortunately, I always had great players that respected one another, odor was really the biggest issue to come up (most people came straight from work so we just kind of ignored it). One of the best parts were how many female players came in and how well they integrated into the game, I even had a few couples.

    I have a serious issue with gamers that look down on female players. Some amount of awkwardness may happen (especially with guys that are unfiltered), but treating them as lesser participants or outright behaving like they are not going to be part of a fun game is not acceptable. Some of the best games I have run and some that I have played in have included at least one female player, some were nearly an even split.

    I wish you were able to call that guy out more for his behavior, but perhaps it is better to spotlight the action rather than the person.

    Thanks for a consistently enjoyable podcast

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