CritCon 2013 Recap

CritCon 2013 was held November 2, 2013 with an attendance of 48 people who played the major games played where Shadowrun Missions and Pathfinder Society with various othergames including a board game library offered to those in attendance. We were able to raise 300 items totaling 262 pounds of food for the Mid-Ohio Foodbank. An amazing success we hope to top in 2014.

CritCon 2013 donation

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank was founded in 1980 with a vision of a hunger-free and healthier community. They provide food to over 550 food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters, afterschool programs, and senior-housing sites across central and eastern Ohio.  You can learn more about the Mid-Ohio Foodbank and their operations here at

As I was delivering the food, and waiting for the official numbers I asked the staff member about their peak need times. She informed me in the spring of 2013 there supplies at the foodbank where all but depleted. Picture this facility like a large club store like Costco or Sam’s club floor to ceiling shelving. She explained that many people just forget that people are hungry year round. This got my wheels turning, could we pull off a bi-annual food drive and game day?

Something else I learned while there, for each pound of food donated they can make one meal. Yet for each dollar donated they can create four meals, the math on this is rather simple. If we do another drive would our players be receptive to changing the donation method helping ensure more people are able to be feed (and saving my back some).

As this was our first convention; we wanted to do something special as a thank you for coming out to support us, I along with the assistance of my family made embroidered dice bags that say CRITCON 2013. As usual I fell into the camp of better to have too many then not enough I have twenty bags left.  Now the question what to do with these remaining bags?

CritCon 2013 was small and we did everything in our power to keep the cost down as it was all out of pocket. Between the hall rental, snacks for the concession stand, decorations, and supplies for the swag bags we have right around $200.00 invested we managed to make about $30.00 of that back in concession sales. With hopes to grow the con to a bi-annual event and the eventual need for a larger site we came up with a possible solution.  We will place the embroidered bags up for sale $10.00 each that price includes shipping to anywhere in the world. Fifty percent of all net proceeds will be donated to the Mid-Ohio foodbank, the remaining fifty percent will be used to help grow CritCon. You can check out our store here at

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Love the show. Wish I could have attended CritCon. It sounds like you guys have your heart in the right place! I live in Belgium, so attending US cons is pretty much out of the question, so I ordered an embroidered bag instead. 🙂

    Starting up a new Shadowrun group here in Belgium. Damn, so many rules!
    But we’ll get through it.


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