Goodbye my friend

As many of you know we have lost our dear friend Steven A. Tinner, the GM to the Stars. His light was taken from us far too soon, but while he was among us his reach was profound. One of his many joys was being able to share his love of gaming with as many people as he could. I want to invite everyone to send in an audio file of their favorite memory of Tinner; be it from a game you played, or from listening to him, it’s a small way to show his family how far he reached and how many people share their loss.

Please keep the audio file to 3 minutes or less and preferably an .mp3 or .wav file but I will do my best to compile any audio format I receive. I would like to be able to give the file to his family on Saturday so please get the files to me by midnight EST Friday April 4th

You can e-mail the file to


Tim Patrick

Information about his service can be found here.


9 thoughts on “Goodbye my friend

  1. I’m shocked and saddened to hear the news. I’ve been a big fan of the show and the rapport between you guys is one of the reasons it was so much fun. My condolences to his friends and family.

  2. I’ve only recently come back to the Shadowrun franchise but it has long been my favorite. What little I knew of Steven was from my brief contact at GenCon 2013 and on Critical Glitch. The more I have came to know of ‘The GM to the Stars’, the more I understood just what he did for this community and the incredible loss it will feel in his absence. He had a real knack for storytelling which is a rare gift indeed and his passion for the game I think was unparalleled.

    He truly was one of a kind, a diamond in the rough, and will be deeply missed.

    • And I think my deepest regret will be I never got to really now him, nor learn from him.

  3. I never knew Steven. I tuned in to your podcast for the first time about 3 weeks ago, and it was so good that I listened to the episode 3 times over the weeks while waiting impatiently for the next episode. This morning, whilst checking out the Run and Gun PDF, I noticed the ‘special in memory of’ for the GM to the Stars and did a web search. Sadly, there was only one GM to the Stars.

    I wish I’d checked you guys out sooner, I wish I’d gone to a con and met him. I hope you’ll continue CriticalGlitch in his memory. My deepest condolences to Steven’s family and friends for the loss of a good man and friend.

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