Episode 021: Shadowrun Run & Gun review part 1

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast. Episode 021


We spend some time talking about the first half of Run & Gun

Co-Hosts: Tim P., Bob L., Rob L.

You can find more of Robyn King’s fiction in the following books

The front of the magic chapter in the Shadowrun 5th Edition rule book

The opening fiction Buzzkill in the Shadowrun 4th Edition rule book

Some Missions that would benifiet from some of the new toys such as the new sniper riffle, and cough arrow heads cough would be

Missions: Chasin’ the Wind (5A-01)

 Missions: Critic’s Choice (5A-02)

4 thoughts on “Episode 021: Shadowrun Run & Gun review part 1

  1. Hey Critical Glitch, in response to your podcast on Run & Gun, why hasn’t anyone mentioned the lack of the Colt Manhunter? It’s Dirk Montgomery’s pistol of choice and I haven’t seen it in any 5th edition book!

  2. I loved the first part of your review and I have a question for the second half. As I read the book martial arts are treated as a specialization. I’m a little confused on how you apply the specialization bonus. Do you get the bonus any time you use an unarmed attack, or is it only with martial techniques you have chosen?

  3. That first 7 Karma of investment gets you the Martial arts style, and one free technique to go with it. When you use that technique, you get +2 to your dice pool. So, to directly answer, only with the techniques you have chosen. Having the style then unlocks the other techniques at 5 Karma each, so you get a little discount staying in the same style. Multiple styles with the same technique do not stack.

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