Our Beginning Episode 000

This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast.  Episode 000

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Scan This 00:51

Shadowrun, Missions, Dave’s ClubhousePathfinder Skull & ShacklesFiasco, Muppets – “No Strings Attached”, Wil Wheaton Table Top Fiasco

Tell it to them Straight 09:43

Con on the CobLand of PromiseGoogle self-driving carTacocopter

Behind the Scenes 19:59

Clutch of DragonsRomero & Juliet

Pushing the Envelope 33:16

Catalyst Game Lab, Felicia Day, Wolf and Raven

Debugging 56:50

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6 thoughts on “Our Beginning Episode 000

  1. Hi guys, nice work, keep it up, I’d love to hear more! 🙂 Just one question: you had some weird buzzers happening throughout your episode… what were those??

    • Thanks for the kind words that was a minor technical glitch of some one not knowing how to turn off E-mail alerts. We are doing the show over Skype as there’s about 150 mile distance, that glitch should be resolved going forward.

  2. Just heard about your show and would love to add your podcast to my growing list of entertainment while working my weekend graveyard shifts but I’m having issues not being able to play them directly from your site

  3. This is what is awesome about Shadowrun(apart from the setting and… everything xD ) everyone is so INTO IT. So hyped! So open to bringing this grand franchise to a broader audience.
    Next year will bring us the two new digital games… and a WAVE of new players. 🙂
    *you guys make me want to visit america T_T*

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