CONNECTED! – It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

Legwork is one of the most often ignored parts of a Shadowrun, but one that is crucial to a run’s success. Getting the straight dope on what opposition to expect, where the money is coming from, and who is robbing who just makes everything run smoother.How does a Shadowrunner best accomplish this information gathering? By talking to Contacts.

One thing I see happen far too often is members of a runner team that all choose the same or similar contacts. Sure, a Fixer is useful for everyone, but having a wide spread of Contacts enables a team to get a “big picture” view when they start running down rumors.

To help encourage players to make more unconventional choices in their Contacts, we here at Critical Glitch offer a new semi-regular feature  – CONNECTED! Each installment of CONNECTED! will offer a new, offbeat, but still useful Contact usable by any runner.. Enjoy!

Geeky Podcaster

Uses: Information, disseminating information, entertainment
Places to Meet: Geeky theme bar, cheap greasy diner, geeky themed convention, media conference, online, local geek shop.
Similar Contacts: Reporter, activist, blogger, trid pirate
A geeky podcaster is an unauthorized and unlicensed trideo or matrix broadcaster. Where some reporters do it for money; the geeky podcaster knows he’s unlikely to ever see a single nuyen for his work. He does it because he’s a fan. Not just a fan, a raving super-fan! No matter the topic, Neil the Ork Barbarian, Suki Redflower, Combat Biking or even old pen and paper roleplaying games.

Typical podcasters have a very limited pool of social connections. They know literally everyone related directly to their shows theme, but outside of that, their knowledge is far more limited. A geeky podcaster might hire runners to steal or record new releases related to their show’s theme. Being the first to review the new Karl Kombatmage sim is a real coup for these independent reporters. Hacking business accounts, paprazzi-style stalking, and even theft of new cutting edge recording equipment might also be other jobs a podcaster could contract a team for.

Shadowrunners should also bear in mind that podcasters crave information related to their passion more than anything else, and they can make a nice chunk of change, and gain a lot of good will by funneling such data to them.

Body: 2, Agility: 3, Reaction: 3, Strength: 2, Charisma: 4, Intuition: 3, Logic: 3, Willpower: 4, Edge: 3, Essence: 6, Initiative: 6, IP: 1

Active Skills: Computer 4, Con 3, Data Search 2, Electronic Warfare 5, Etiquette 2 (Street +2), Hacking 4, Perception 4
Knowledge Skills: Broadcasting 4, Geek Interest Rumors 4, Media Hot Spots 4, Geek Interest (Science Fiction, Urban Brawl, etc.) 4, Street Rumors 4

One thought on “CONNECTED! – It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

  1. When I started running my 2nd editiion SR game, I gave the pc’s extra contacts depending on how many success’s they had on a streetwise roll at chargen. The contacts were random assigned at the lowest level of contacts. The pc’s used them and added more roleplayng to the game. Especially, when they had to go to one of these low level contacts, and to cajole the contacts for needed info.

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