Episode 046: Chrome Flesh

chromeThis is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast Episode 046

Your host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Co-Host: Bob “Dr. Meatgrinder” Loper

In this episode we take a deeper look into Chrome Flesh the “Core Augmentation Hanbook”

Bob found this book light on the rules and heavy on the fluff, I have to agree the fluff that was included was about a specific meta plot CFD, we already have several books dedicated to that. My biggest issue with the lack of continuity once again the authors have proven they have not read the prior materials or could not be bothered to fact check. We have duplicate rules, and contradictory stats, and finally every one involved in this book should be ashamed for such simple copy and paste errors. There are at least 5 levels that should have been able to catch these types of rooky mistakes. The author, the line developer, the editor, the layout, and the proofer any of these could have improved the quality of the book with just a little due diligence.

We both found the book to be better then Run & Gun, Street Grimoire and even Data Trails but not as polished as Run Faster. The lack of an index and usable table of contents combined with non-intuitive chapter names still plagues the line for these reasons we both placed the book at around a B- grade. Definitely worth getting in PDF, and you won’t feel like you wasted your money if you buy the hardback.


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One thought on “Episode 046: Chrome Flesh

  1. In total agreement over the mountain of CFD fluff in core books. Understand connecting it to the nanites chapter but beyond that we didn’t need more of it. Missing cyber zombies a personal GM favorite:(.

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