Episode 049: Shadowrun Anarchy

Our long awaited return (Even if it was just by us) we talk about some of the games we have been playing and our views on Shadowrun Anarchy.


The show is coming back but it will be expanding to all things gaming no longer just Shadowrun.

We additionally talk about the following games as we ramble all over the place.

Urban Shadows


Fantasy Age

Apocalypse World Engine

3 thoughts on “Episode 049: Shadowrun Anarchy

  1. Welcome back! It was interesting to hear about Anarchy–I wasn’t aware of the game. On story-oriented Shadowrun games, I’m curious if you’ve looked at either The Sprawl (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ardensludere/the-sprawl-cyberpunk-roleplaying-powered-by-the-ap) or The Veil (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/samjokopublishing/the-veil-cyberpunk-rpg). Both are PbtA games, with The Sprawl being basically PbtA Shadowrun, while The Veil feels a lot closer to Ghost in the Shell in terms of theme. I have a lot of affection for PbtA games in general so I may be a bit biased, but both seem like fun systems to tell a Shadowrun story if you’re aiming for that style of play. I’ll be curious to see how Anarchy develops by comparison.

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