This section is where we will post the crazy collection of characters we have made and note the basic information such as the author how many build points and if it is missions legal.

Shadowrun 5th Edition

Johnny Ganger – Human Rocker – A: Attributes, B: Skills, C: Resources, D: Metatype, E: Magic/Res Auth: Steve Tinner

Zarlock – Ork Technomancer – A: Magic/Res, B: Attributes, C: Metatype, D: Skills, E: Resources Auth: Tim Patrick

Shadowrun 4th Edition

Clyde  400 Build points, Season 4 missions legal, Harumen, Adept created by Tim Patrick

We also want to take a moment to thank the fine folks over at Lone Wolf Developement the makers of Hero Lab, an amazing character creation tool.

3 thoughts on “Runners

  1. Just wanted to leave a note because we noticed last night that Hero Lab – a freaking awesome product, by the way – has the ability to make characters according to Mission Legal rules. Unfortunately, what we noticed is that it doesn’t block all disallowed qualities; you still have to double-check them.

    That being said, I still maintain that you a cruel and vicious person for allowing such an entertaining abomination loose on an unsuspecting public. Well played… and if it ever shows up in one of my games, it is Game On! 😉

  2. You actually made that …thing? I had really hoped that was all a joke during the episode. That said, we currently have a fish man in our weekly game. A fish man technomancer.

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