Looking for a place to hang low while the heat calms down join some fellow runners and enjoy the amenities we have to offer.


GAD-Con March 14-16 2014 White Marsh, MD

CosCon March 15-17 2014 Butler, PA

Cincycon March 21-23 2014 Cincinnati, OH

GaryCon March 27-30 2014 Lake Geneva, WI

DenCon March 29-30 2014 Granville, OH

TekkoCon April 3 – 6 2014 Pittsburgh, PA

1d4 Con April 25-27 2014 Winchester, VA

AnCon May 1-4 Hudson, OH

MarCon May 9-11 2014 Columbus, OH

ConCoction May 30 – June 1 2014 Cleveland, OH

Fans of Gaming Con May 30 – June 1 2014 Pekin, IL

Origins Game Fair June 11-15 2014 Columbus, OH

Nexus Game Fair June 19 – 22 Milwaukee, WI

Gencon August 14-17 Indianapolis, IN

SibCon September 19-21 2014 Butler, PA

Con on the Cob October 16-19 Hudson, OH

CritCon November 8 2014 Columbus, OH

GaspCon November TBD 2014 Pittsburgh, PA

Friendly local game stores

Fog of Dusk Columbus, OH Thursdays 6:30 P.M.-10:30 P.M.

Game Table Adventures Newark, OH

 Epic Loot Games & Comics Centerville, OH

Arsenal Game Room Indianapolis, IN

Great Lakes Game Emporium Mentor, OH

Games and Stuff Glen Burnie, MD Thursdays

Compleat Strategist King of Prussia, PA 4th Saturday 11:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

8 thoughts on “Safehouses

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  3. I have a question for the podcast and I was unsure where to post it, so here goes.

    We have a regular group who have moved to Shadowrun in the last couple of months after running a successful DnD campaign for the last five or six years and we play one night a week. i am not the GM so this is for information only.

    We are loving Shadowrun and I do enjoy the classless system it employs but my question is about Karma and how often to receive it. In dnd we would level up about every couple of months which gave us steady progression but I cannot seem to see this with Karma as you seem to get small amounts at any one time by the rules.

    Can you give us some pointers as to what would be appropriate progression for a group playing one night a week on an extended campaign?

    Thank you from Scotland


    • I noticed your comment is pretty old, but maybe you still check (or it will send you a notice). I give my players between 3-4 karma on average per session. I am somewhat generous with karma and also give bonuses for outside of game contributions, but they amount to about 3-6 karma a month spread across the team.

      Its not a lot but, especially at the beginning, it can go a long way. New / lower skills can be leveled up more quickly, but stronger / higher skills will have to be saved up for. The players should have enough to upgrade at least one skill or attribute by at least a point every month or so, more if they aren’t saving up for something expensive.

  4. Will you please add the following in the FLGS listing? Thanks.

    The Fantasy Shop – St. Charles, St. Charles, MO (Shadowrun games held weekly on Wednesdays)

    • Yes, Yes, Yes – come fill out Shadowrun tables!!! I’ll be there Thursday through Sunday. Stop by, say hi, and play.

  5. For Safe Houses

    Living Campaign games are offered weekly in the St. Louis Metro Area.

    Game NIte in Affton, MO (Mondays)

    The Fantasy Shop in St. Charles, MO (Wednesdays)

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