EP#                              Title                                                                                  Date

000                               Our Beginning                                                              10.05.2012

N01                               Con on the Cob recap                                                 10.17.2012

001                               Shadowrun Then and Now                                          11.03.2012

N02                               Interview Author Russell Zimmerman                         12.05.2012

002                               Free Beer with Ray Rigel                                             12.09.1012

003                               The Year of Shadowrun                                               01.01.2013

N03                              Ohayocon recap                                                           02.02.2013

004                               Paranormal Party with Bob Loper                                02.17.2013

005                               GM Cadre                                                                    03.13.2013

N04                               COSCON recap                                                          03.27.2013

006                               Season 5 with Steven “Bull” Ratkovich                       03.31.2013

N05                               Karma and Nonsense Nerps 05                                  04.14.2013

007                               Season four recap                                                       05.08.2013

Origins 2013 Day 1      Wednesday coverage                                                  06.13.2013

Origins 2013 Day 2      Thursday coverage                                                      06.14.2013

Origins 2013 Day 3      Friday coverage                                                           06.15.2013

Origins 2013 Day 4      Saturday coverage                                                       06.16.2013

N06                             I do what I want                                                             06.30.2013

008                              Shadowrun Fifth Edition Character Creation                07.10.2013

009                             Shadowrun Fifth Edition Skills. and Combat                 07.13.2013

010                             Shadowrun Fifth Edition Matrix and Riggers                 08.25.2013

011                             Shadowrun Fifth Edition Magic                                      09.08.2013

012                              The Problem Player                                                      10.27.2013

013                              Bull Talk                                                                        12.15.2013

N07                             Seasons Greetings                                                       12.23.2013

014                             Cadre of Podcasters                                                      12.31.2013

015                             Coyotes & Guns                                                            01.19.2014

016                             Shadowrun Digital Tools Box                                        02.05.2014

N08                             2014 Shadowrun Convetions                                        02.15.2014

017                            Shadowrun 5th Review Errata and Run & Gun              02.27.2014

018                            Positive Qualities                                                            03.11.2014

019                            New Beginnings                                                              04.13.2014

020                            Negative Qualities                                                          04.27.2014

021                            Run & Gun review part 1                                                05.09.2014

022                            Run & Gun review part 2                                                05.23.2014

023                           Origins 2014                                                                    06.28.2014

PTE:001                   Pushing the Envelope: Strays                                         06.30.2014

024                          Sail Away, Sweet Sister                                                    07.04.2014

025                          Gencon 2014                                                                    07.21.2014

026                         Fire & Frost                                                                        08.07.2014

027                         Nothing Personal                                                               08.17.2014

028                       Shadowrun: Street Grimoire                                               10.10.2014

029                       Two Years, CritCon, Mission Spoilers, Writing                   10.23.2014

N09                      Halloween                                                                             10.29.2014

Shadowrun Podcasters Special                                           01.01.2015

030                       Shadowrun: Run Faster                                                       01.13.2015

N10                      Conventions and the CDT team                                           01.20.2015

031                      Campaigns & Inspiration                                                       01.26.2015

032                       The State of Missions                                                           02.10.2015

033                       Fifty Pints of Crimson                                                           02.12.2015

034                       Matrix 101                                                                             02.24.2015

T01                       Tribute to Steven A. Tinner                                                   03.01.2015

035                      Hell on Water with Jason M. Hardy                                       03.03.2015

036                      So you want to Game!                                                            03.10.2015

037                     Combat 101                                                                              03.17.2015

038                    Rigger 101                                                                                 03.24.2015

T02                    Tribute to Steven A. Tinner complete                                       03.29.2015

039                    Magic 101 part 1 of 2                                                                 03.31.2015

N11                   Natural 20 Kickstarter                                                               04.09.2015

040                   Magic 101 part 2 of 2                                                                  04.21.2015

041                   Spirits 101                                                                                  05.07.2015

042                   Borrowed Time with R.L. King                                                   05.27.2015

Con01             Origins 2015 Day 1 recap                                                           06.03.2015

Con02             Origins 2015 Day 2 Shadowcasters                                           06.05.2015

Con03            Origins 2015 Day 3                                                                      06.06.2015

043                 Origins 2015 Recap                                                                     06.09.2015

044                The Art of Shadowrun with Echo Chernik                                     06.22.2015

N12              Shadowrun Missions now with more Teutonic Overloard             06.30.2015

045              Data Trails                                                                                       07.05.2015

N13             Shaken No Job Too Small with Russell Zimmerman                     07.15.2015

046             Chrome Flesh                                                                                  07.19.2015

14 thoughts on “Episodes

  1. Thanks for the Podcasts – Do you think you can do a Anti-Cheese Segment. Players often are looking for ways to abuse the game by finding cheese, or poorly written rules.
    I normally deal with them by saying “No” but they get butt sore about it because they felt like they did all this work to find the cheese and I’m denying it.

  2. I heard about your podcast, went to iTunes and downloaded episodes beginning with 8; nothing earlier available. After listening to these over & over, getting the newest episode (13) downloaded, I decided to come to your site to listen from the beginning. So now I hear that the local gaming store mentioned all the time is one Reynoldsburg where I used to live. I can’t remember if the store was open in the 80s when I lived there, but it being so close to my old house just makes me laugh extra hard. I still have family in the area so I’m already looking for ways to come to the next Columbus show with the excuse to visit family. Hope I can arrange this soon too as I’ve never been to a Con before; after listening to talk about all the recent Cons, I’m ready to go.

    Keep up the great work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, and the heads up on iTunes I am looking into it for some reason it’s only showing our last five episodes. I don’t know if Daves was around in the 80’s . Columbus has a lot of conventions and since there is a glut of GM’s in the area you can almost always bet there will be a Shadowrun game or two at the local conventions. Keep an eye on our safehouses section as we try and keep that updated with upcoming conventions that will have Shadowrun at.

  3. In episode 35 l, the subject of audiobook versions of the Shadowrun novels came up agan. Though not true audiobook versions, I have a system that has worked well for me as I drive. I try to acquire my books in epub or mobi and use a combination of moon+ reader with Ivona natural language.

    • ha ha I thought I was the only one who did this. I also wouldn’t be apposed to a fan made audio book maybe 2xs or something. I have seen some people on youtube do this just not with shadowrun.

  4. Greetings from the Allied German States! 🙂

    Folks, I just wanted to express my gratitude for all your hard work. Your podcasts are a huge help!

    I’ve liked the world of Shadowrun since I played the SNES game. After playing most of the games and reading quite a few novels, I was positive that I wanted to experience the tabletop game with my RPG group. We tried the 4th edition, had some fun sessions, but due to my inexperience, I was kinda overwhelmed by the complexity of the three different realms I had to juggle. So I sort of gave up on it… Mind you, I played and GMed The Dark Eye, which isn’t what I’d call a simple game. 😉

    Anyway, since the 5th edition was out, I wanted to give it another shot, with the rules being streamlined and all. I really like it so far, but tbh whenever I try to beat the Matrix chapter, my eyes start glazing over after a few pages…
    Your Matrix 101 really did the trick on that account. Having it explained to me is awesome and the crunch of it isn’t actually that hard, like you said. I understood the combat rules pretty well, but listening to you guys going over it helps to settle in the gist of it.

    Really looking forward to you making a Magic/Rigger 101. I hope it won’t be too long.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Drek, just saw there already ARE Magic and Rigger 101s… just not in the episodes section, which was the one I bookmarked. 😀

      Feeling kinda stupid atm, but hey, more wiz podcasts to listen to at work.

  5. This has been very helpful. I am just finishing Magic 101 (part one) and it has been a confidence booster for when I attempt to run a game next. If I had the time I would just like to bullet point all of the important buts you have shared. I think these points would make a valuable cheat sheet. Lookinmg forward to Rigger and Matrix, two other parts of the game I struggle with.

  6. Thanks for your considerable work on this site. My son sent me to a podcast on iTunes, which led me here. It has been a great help to him, and should be for me. I only saw Episodes up to 37 on that sub-page, but used Search to find Magic 101, which I was listening to on iTunes. I’m such a newbie that I stumbled around a bit, but it’s rewarding. Reminds me of sharing D&D with friends in the late 70’s. Helped me deal with complex adaptive systems, right?

  7. I have been listening to the episodes up through 06 and just loving every second! Tim, please keep up the good work sir! It’s so much appreciated over here in Spokane, WA!!

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