Legwork is one of the most often ignored parts of a Shadowrun, but one that is crucial to a run’s success. Getting the straight dope on what opposition to expect, where the money is coming from, and who is robbing who just makes everything run smoother.How does a Shadowrunner best accomplish this information gathering? By talking to Contacts.

One thing I see happen far too often is members of a runner team that all choose the same or similar contacts. Sure, a Fixer is useful for everyone, but having a wide spread of Contacts enables a team to get a “big picture” view when they start running down rumors.

To help encourage players to make more unconventional choices in their Contacts, we here at Critical Glitch offer a new semi-regular feature  – CONNECTED! Each installment of CONNECTED! will offer a new, offbeat, but still useful Contact usable by any runner.. Enjoy!

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