Uses: Information, disseminating information, entertainment
Places to Meet: Geeky theme bar, cheap greasy diner, geeky themed convention, media conference, online, local geek shop.
Similar Contacts: Reporter, activist, blogger, trid pirate
A geeky podcaster is an unauthorized and unlicensed trideo or matrix broadcaster. Where some reporters do it for money; the geeky podcaster knows he’s unlikely to ever see a single nuyen for his work. He does it because he’s a fan. Not just a fan, a raving super-fan! No matter the topic, Neil the Ork Barbarian, Suki Redflower, Combat Biking or even old pen and paper roleplaying games.

Typical podcasters have a very limited pool of social connections. They know literallyeveryone related directly to their shows theme, but outside of that, their knowledge is far more limited. A geeky podcaster might hire runners to steal or record new releases related to their show’s theme. Being the first to review the new Karl Kombatmage sim is a real coup for these independent reporters. Hacking business accounts, paprazzi-style stalking, and even theft of new cutting edge recording equipment might also be other jobs a podcaster could contract a team for.

Shadowrunners should also bear in mind that podcasters crave information related to their passion more than anything else, and they can make a nice chunk of change, and gain a lot of good will by funneling such data to them.

Body: 2, Agility: 3, Reaction: 3, Strength: 2, Charisma: 4, Intuition: 3, Logic: 3,Willpower: 4, Edge: 3, Essence: 6, Initiative: 6, IP: 1

Active Skills: Computer 4, Con 3, Data Search 2, Electronic Warfare 5, Etiquette 2 (Street +2), Hacking 4, Perception 4
Knowledge Skills: Broadcasting 4, Geek Interest Rumors 4, Media Hot Spots 4, Geek Interest (Science Fiction, Urban Brawl, etc.) 4, Street Rumors 4

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  1. This is fricking awesome. Just now I had two ideas for a Shadowrun involving this Johnson (with the potential of becoming a regular connection/recurring NPC). Thanks for that and keep them coming. Do you take suggestions? 😀

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