Nerps 11: Natural 20 Kickstarter

This is a very special Nerps edition of Critical Glitch in fact it is so special it is a joint podcast between The Arcology and Critical Glitch.

Serving as Hosts or cat wranglers as the case may be tonight was

Mr. Johnson of The Arcology

“Dr. Meatgrinder” Bob Loper

“The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming” Tim Patrick

Our special guest is Thomas Gofton of Lynnvander you may also know him as Harper the most feared game master in all of Canada from The Gamers Natural 1

Thomas has joined us to talk about his current project on Kickstarter Gamers Natural 20, and also share with us some back stage information about the creation of The Gamers Natural 1.

Thomas shares with us his inspiration as well as some of the trials and tribulations of creating a movie. He also lets us in on a few secrets like his contribution in an upcoming Shadowrun anthology that should be out some time this summer.  Thomas also lets us know about top secret negotiations that may change the course of “Cyberun” to a setting a little closer to home.

You can watch The Gamers Natrual 1 here

Kickstarter for Natural 20

Dead Gentlemen Productions

Zombie Orpheus Entertainment

Episode 014: Cadre of Podcasters

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This is Critical Glitch, a Shadowrun Podcast.  Episode 014

Your host, Steven A. Tinner, GM to the Stars

Co-Host, The Most Dangerous Man in Gaming – Tim Patrick

Special Guest

“The old school GM” Justin, GM of HiddenGrid: the sixth world chronicles

“The only Mr. Johnson who has not screwed me over yet” Mr. Johnson, from The Arcology Podcast

“The golden tones of Shadowrun” Vox, from The Arcology Podcast

New Years Predictions

Double Six Dice Kickstarter

Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Dragonfall

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